Month: March 2016

What Are SIC Codes?

An industrial classification system in America is called Standard Industrial classification. This classification system came into vogue from the late part of the thirties. It is based on collecting information on different business activities. Organizations across different industrial segments use the SIC codes. The codes are also used by the Securities and Exchange Commission in order to provide the same in their publications and for referring to different industries in common discussions.

How they were formed?

The manufacturing sector was booming in the US in the thirties. The government then realized the need to track the different industries in order to keep track of the progress and growth of companies in this sector. Categorization was then extended to different industries in America. It included looking into economic performances of the different sectors like quality assurance software, emergence of different sectors as well as trends in industrial growth. Click this link for further information regarding quality assurance software.

How classification is done?

The SIC system is done by four digits. Two digits represent the industrial category, while the second two digits refer to a sub category. Or instance, in the forestry department or category, there would be sub categories like laboratory apparatus, book publishing and others. Hence, in the broad category of software companies a sub category would be quality assurance software. These codes helped to create industrial directories that were helpful for tracking company statistics by the different regulatory bodies.

Other systems

The SIC system spawned other standards later on. For instance, NAICS is used widely in North America. Here the codes are used not only for industrial classification, but lead to other categorizations as well. Hence, the coding standards are used in different ways. The lists of these codes are made available to different government bodies. Often older coding systems are replaced by newer ones. Cross referencing guides are used in this context. This is necessary when information is published with SIC codes. In order to understand which company or industrial segment is being referred to within NAICS framework, the cross referencing guides come of use.

Different uses

The industrial coding system is in vogue in many countries. These are beneficial at the central regulatory levels where economic progress needs to be tracked and measured. Information pertaining to industrial performance, trends in the growth of different sectors and other statistical information is published country wide or as per regions based on these codes. Without the coding system, there would be a disparity in how companies are listed in different categories. That would also remove uniformity of comparison of companies in similar sectors across regions. Industrial data on different statistical parameters are also published based on a uniform coding system that is followed in every country. However, such codes tend to vary from one country to another.

Water Racing Sports And The Measures To Be Followed For Safety


There are many types of beach activities that have been organized by most of the tourism authorities in all the countries for those who can visit on their tour. Parasailing or sky gliding, snorkeling, rescue swimming, synchronized diving’s and water aerobics etc. are the few water games that have been conducted by the people for the entertainment and recreation of the people. Boat racing and Jet Ski racing is one of the most popular racing that can be conducted among several contestants who are interested. Jetski is the most popular watercraft designed by the branded company Kawasaki to promote water sports and to encourage the spirit of competitiveness in the people.

Any sports are meant only to encourage the people and to develop sportsman spirit in them. Especially in the beach or bay areas, these water sports can be conducted. Racing is the most competitive sport that can be preferred by most of the people and these sports are even conducted in between different nations to maintain a good relationship with them. The different water racing sports include:

• Coasteering

• Whitewater rafting

• Canoeing

• Scuba diving

• Snorkeling

• Jet skiing etc.

These water sports can also be differentiated as:

I. Underwater sports

II. In the water sports

III. on the water sports

In order to participate in the Jet Ski racing’s, it can be mandatory to have the best jetski license. It can be adventurous and at the same time fun to participate in various water racing sports. There are various tourism packages provided by many tourism companies and they can provide all the necessary details when people like to go for watery regions. There are many islands, beaches, and other coastal regions that have been developed for tourism and have been provided with wide range of facilities to attract the tourists from various countries.

One should be able to have knowledge of swimming and other skills to follow necessary safety precautions in order to avoid any kinds of unnecessary risks. In such areas, the rescue teams can be maintained to provide immediate rescue for those who are in need of help. In some universities, there are few courses that can provide the necessary knowledge on watercraft and jetski license and safety precaution courses.

The water sports can be conducted by the concerned authorities and they need to hire the trained and experienced staff that can have the licenses along with the certificate on their skills. Boater education certificates can be provided to those who have completed their courses. Online courses are also available for those who cannot attend directly. In order to operate the personal watercraft, one should possess the required license from the concerned authorities along with the boater education certificate.