Journey From An Idiot To SMART

A normal person sitting in front of a colored screen exactly in front of it and pushing remote buttons infinite don’t exactly know what he/she wants to watch and just killing time sitting there, so definitely that person should be called an ‘idiot’ then what that screen should be called? Obviously an ‘idiot box’ fellows that’s the name labelled to a television an idiot box, without going in the details of how this name extracted or from where it was extracted? One should think is this box till IDIOT? We all know that answer must be ‘no’ and the responsibility of making this idiot smart goes to the advancement of technology.

Precisely, the person who this as mentioned above still be calls an ‘idiot’ but the square box is no more an idiot box. In old times, a square box with a small black and white screen with 8 physical buttons usually on the left side of the box (labelled as 1 to 7 plus a power button) with two TV antenna installation Sunshine Coast pointing toward the sky (just like the one found on the head of a cockroach) to catch the signals (and which should be adjusted in order to get the clear picture) this square box used to stay connected with a torn off wire (which is now called a area cable, used to get unlimited channels) in order to get 4 channels out of 7. Then came the era of dish antenna again, which requires a huge dish on the roof and a receiver attached to the TV (in order to catch the channels) one has to change the direction of the dish above the roof in order to get new channels and clear reception.

Surprisingly after a suitable and significant involvement of technology things changed to area cable from dish antenna system. Under the umbrella of this system one has to buy an advanced television, which could support the area cable properly and clearly, along with this a cable network installation is required in order to access approx… 80 to 90 channels (international and national both). Fellow we are in the era of AI and VR now this idiot is no more an idiot because now, it has evolved from a television to an LED TV. So much it has now labelled as SMART LED TV which not only supports channels, but also allows complete internet access. Surprisingly after this tremendous invention one can discard the personal tablet (if that tablet is only used for browsing) and use smart LED TV. This can be now controlled with the help of a normal remote and if one is bored of channels or there is nothing suitable to watch right now! So no need to be an idiot and act like one, it’s better to connect the internet and be smart with the SMART LED.