Things To Look Out For When Buying A Car Phone Charger

Are you always on the go? Literally driving around the town takes most of your day? Or you are heading for your road trip? Or for no reason as stated, you are just running low on your battery and need to charge your phone while you are in a car, then you just simply need a small investment and save yourself from any frustration. You answer is a Car Charger. However, there are still are few key considerations to look out for when buying a buy car phone charger.  


  • If you are already investing in a car charger, it is better to buy one that has two or three USB socket. Not only you can charger your device, but the passengers can also charge their devices as well. Why take turns and suffer?  
  • Rule of equality doesn’t apply on USB Sockets, most of the devices designed today, are power hungry, they require more juice. If you use a charger below 2.1 or 2.4 amp, your device will require hours to charge and in most cases, it just won’t charge! To make sure you make the right buy, just check the fine prints on your wall charger that you use for your device and then get the same amp USB car charger. 
  • When you are using GPS to navigate through, the battery drains way quickly, so it is imperative to get a power USB car charger. If you get a low powered charger, you might just end up with less battery once you plug it out of the charger, even it was charging the whole time. 
  • A good investment would be in a car charger that caters two high powered USB sockets. Hence it is 4.8amp car charger that you would want to look for. 
  • Just a minor detail to look out for is to make sure the car charger has a light that indicates once it has been fully charged. Well, the reason is simple, you do not want to overcharge your device in a high powered charger and damage your battery life! 
  • Most vehicles do not have enough space around the cigarette lighter/accessory port. So make sure you take the size of the charger into consideration when buying.  
  • A learnt lesson by everyone is that charging cables tends to break quickly. So if you are buying a car charger with built in cable, your charger will be useless if the cable renders. Just use the cable that comes with your device, or better yet buy an extra-long cable so easily anyone can charge their device in the car. 

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